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Industrial High PressureJet Cleaner

Want to clean or prepare surfaces rapidly and effectively?


The High Pressure Jet Cleaner from PressureJet is an efficient and economical method for cleaning and preparing surfaces.

PressureJet's Industrial High Pressure Jet Cleaner can perform cleaning and surface preparation operations needing pressures between 2,000 and 7,000 PSI (140 bar to 500 bar). This pressure range is designed to meet the cleaning requirements of the majority of industrial applications, such as Cleaning after Pickling, Floor Cleaning, Surface Clearing, Dust Removal, and Paint Removal with additional accessories.

Our Industrial High Pressure Washers are designed and constructed using cutting-edge European technology and premium materials. We stock all spare parts for all pump models in order to provide prompt and efficient after-sales service. Utilizing PressureJet's Industrial High Pressure Cleaner, clean/prepare surfaces effectively and efficiently.


High Pressure Cleaner Application 


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