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High PressureJet Cleaner and its functioning in Building Industry

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Cleaning on a construction site demands strong and specialised gear due to the dust and concrete. There is thus no better way to clean equipment, machinery, and cars than with a good, professional PressureJet Cleaner powered by an electric motor.

Pressure Jet Cleaner for Cleaning Machinery

In the construction industry, water is frequently used to lay various materials as well as to prepare mortar and cement.

An easy rubber hose is all that is needed for these tasks. But when the job is finished and everything needs to be cleaned, an Industrial High Pressure Washer Pumps force and pressure are absolutely necessary.

Because of the variety of accessories—including lances, specialty nozzles—as well as the use of detergents and hot water that enable cleaning dirt, including grease and scale, an Industrial High Pressure Cleaner by PressureJet Systems becomes a crucial investment to reduce the amount of time needed to be devoted to cleaning.

PressureJet Cleaner for Cleaning Surfaces and Facades

Not only must facades, coatings, and flat surfaces be constructed and polished, but they also need to be cleansed of smog, dust, and other incrustations.

High PressureJet Cleaning Machines by us are available in various powers and the best size for each space in these situations to expedite the moistening and removal of chemicals that assault the surfaces.

When compared to using a simple hose, using a Pressure Jet Cleaner for these tasks results in significant time and water savings, with a consequently reduced impact on wastewater discharges.

For cleaning floors and flat surfaces, certain attachments are provided by PressureJet Systems, such as floor cleaning lances, which have been created specifically for that.

Pressure Cleaner for Restoration and Renovation

During the restoration and remodelling phases, when it is frequently essential to remove dirt, paints, and oils from structures and facades, the pump of an Industrial High Pressure Cleaner, thanks to the pressure it generates, transforms water into a genuine tool.

The energy of the water blasted by the High Pressure Cleaner’s lances and nozzles is effective in removing the eroding elements of old paints which significantly reduces the amount of surface reconstruction preparation work.

The force of the Pressure Washer is also used to rapidly, effectively, and affordably remove old bitumen layers and to roughen cement shortly after casting.

Sandblasting with High PressureJet Cleaner

An Industrial Pressure Washer by PressureJet intended for the building industry contains, among its available attachments, a sandblasting lance that enables hydro-sandblasting, a unique method that is as inventive as it is efficient.

This eliminates the need to purchase sandblasting equipment. It is a lance with a special head that, when used with water under pressure to mix sharp, calibrated grains of silica sand with water, exponentially increases the abrasive function of the jet created.

Since the water component eliminates the less cohesive components with higher precision and simultaneously washes away soluble materials, the outcome is even better than merely sandblasting.

Last but not least, there is zero chance of damaging the original components of the materials that need to be restored thanks to the precise adjustment that our pressure washers offer.

This enables them to both attack even the most stubborn dirt and work precisely and carefully only on the deteriorated components, protecting the healthy ones.

You are now aware of all the major benefits of using a skilled pressure washer when working in the construction sector. To make your job on site simpler, more pleasant, and cleaner, all you need to do is select the one with the most appropriate size and power for your demands.

HW series High PressureJet Cleaner

PressureJet Systems will help in selecting Industrial Pressure Jet Cleaner according to your requirement. We provide pumps in HW series with a flowrate varying from 12 LPM to 30 LPM and 140 Bar to 500 Bar. To know more visit or for enquiry can mail us on or call us on +91 937-502-2359.


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