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When, Where and Which High Pressure Jet Cleaner to use

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

This blog will discuss the applications or activities for which High Pressure Jet Cleaners are ideal. Let's examine several everyday scenarios in which the use of High Pressure Cleaners is recommended.

1. Air duct cleaning:

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is required to maintain a healthy indoor environment in buildings and houses. Dust, debris, and sediment can accumulate and contribute to air pollution over time.

Using a Pressure Washer to clean air ducts is one of the most effective methods for removing material from a variety of different types of air ducts, including steel, flex, insulated, and dryer variants. Pressure Washing air ducts with a duct cleaner attachment is very important to keep the air in your office or home clean.

2. Acid Cleaning After Pickling :

Acid Cleaning after Pickling

After pickling, stainless steel must be cleaned to remove the pickling acid and salt film that has formed on the surface. If these are not removed, they might cause corrosion even under coatings.

As soon as the film starts to dry, it becomes much more difficult to remove, thus it is essential that you clean it right away. Industrial High Pressure Cleaners supplied by PressureJet Systems are an efficient and cost-effective way for clearing acid waste.

3. Cleaning of farms:

Cleaning of Farms

If one works on a farm or in a stable, it's easy to see why pressure washers are an excellent choice for a variety of cleaning tasks. Dirt and filth accumulate quickly on a farm or in a stable. Pressure Washers provided by PressureJet Systems can be customised to meet the specific cleaning requirements of a farm or stable.

After just one cleaning session, there is a visible change. The hot water variants of professional pressure washers are the most effective at eliminating grease and dirt. The hot water models are the most effective at loosening and removing not only tenacious stains, but also other difficult-to-remove compounds such as grease. machines.

4. Head cleaning:

Cleaning barrels

Cleaning barrels used in the winemaking business can be challenging. Oftentimes, the fermenting grapes discolour the interior of the barrels. Pressure washer cleaning heads are an efficient and cost-effective way to clean barrels, tanks, and other types of containers.

When ordering a pressure washer cleaning head for barrel cleaning, it is critical to know the size of the tank and what will be cleaned out of it. For instance, PressureJet Systems do advise the client representative if the material contained in the tank or barrel is wine.

5. Cleaning of Oil Refineries:

Cleaning of oil refineries

Oil is used for a variety of purposes throughout the world. However, because of its combustible nature, it is extremely risky to work with and requires specific cleaning . Oil field cleaning is critical to the safety regime for the reason that it assists in the removal of excess grease, and other things that can be hazardous to people.

Additionally, pressure cleaning helps avoid explosions by removing flammable compounds from all surfaces, including equipment and more. By cleaning the oil field meticulously and thoroughly, it helps to keep personnel and others who live near the oil field safe.

The above listed are some of the applications that will benefit from the recommended type of high pressure jet cleaner.

To know more about such applications and where the use of High Pressure Jet Cleaner can be beneficial visit or for enquiry can mail us on or call us on +91 937-502-2359


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